Norma Gigaba refuses to answer questions related to her qualifications

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Malusi Gigaba’s estranged wife, Nomachule Gigaba has repeatedly refused to answer questions about her qualifications at the Commission of Inquiry into allegations of State Capture.

Legal representative of the former cabinet minister, Richard Solomon, asked her to talk about her qualifications contained in her curriculum vitae.

She has told the commission that her personal life and her educational background have nothing to do with the commission.

Chairperson Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo tried to convince her to respond to the questions, but she refused.

“So what I have put here [on my curriculum vitae] it has got to do with capture. So I don’t know how my education [qualifications] is capturing the commission or maybe the state. Him [Malusi Gigaba] dodging answering questions about his deals with the state capture, and then he just goes attack my personal life.”

“I am not willing to attack his personal life, because I have never done so. Since I have never attacked his personal life, I do not want my personal life to be dragged as well,” says Gigaba.

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Earlier, Gigaba confirmed to the commission that she never read the final bundle of her affidavit, that was handed over to the commission – she only signed it, in front of advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi.

She has told the commission that, at the time of the signing of the affidavit, both Ngcukaitobi and herself were scared, for there were threats targetted at her.

She says some people were saying she must not give evidence at the commission.

This is how she explained why she did not get to read the whole affidavit on the last day, before it was submitted to the commission.

“When the final affidavit was done, when the whole thing was drafted together, when Tembeka came with it, on that day we signed it. Tembeka was so scared and [so was I], we were [both] scared. Because there were threats on myself and also we heard that someone was shot.”

“So Tembeka said he doesn’t want [to] keep the affidavit, let us sign it quickly, he will drop it. Because he even did not want to sit down. I said most people wanted this affidavit because I was getting threats and then we decided to sign it and then Tembeka went to drop it off,” she adds.