NORAD keeps track of Santa as he delivers children’s presents

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Officials at the American Military’s Aerospace Defence Command, NORAD, who are in charge of tracking Santa on Christmas Eve are putting the final touches to their control room to make sure children get their presents from Santa on time. The team has been keeping track of Santa since 1955, using all the high tech tracking machines and advanced aircraft like the new F35 stealth jet.

A spokesperson for NORAD explains how they keep track of Santa.

“The way that we track Santa is because Rudolf’s nose is so bright and full of infrared heat because he lights Santa’s way; that’s how we’re able to track Santa. We use our satellites and our radars to pin point where he is at a given point in time. Historically speaking, he will stop at children’s houses between 9pm and midnight and only if when the children are sleeping. Santa travels at the speed of starlight, faster than starlight.”