City Power says non-payment and illegal connections within the City of Johannesburg region are costing the power utility millions of rand monthly.

It says COVID-19 has worsened the situation as more people are working from home and this has increased power consumption.

City Power Spokesperson Isaac Mangena has urged residents to pay for services and refrain from making illegal connections.

Mangena says the city has many informal settlements that are not electrified and residents make illegal connections from the nearest power stations, causing power outages.

“The real cost is on the residents, especially now during the COVID-19 when most people are actually working from home. There is a lot of inconvenience, the overloading and outages that come after because of these. We’ve got small businesses that are actually suffering. Most of them are closing because electricity is not coming to them due to these illegal connections that are happening – the damage of infrastructure and by-passing of meters,” says Mangena.

VIDEO: City Power to cut illegal electricity connections in Ennerdale, Johannesburg