Judge Ramarumo Monama says South Africa has not witnessed a similar case to that of former police sergeant Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu in 89 years.

Judge Monama has been ruling on the charges against Ndlovu at the High Court.

“The accused took a cover or policies or insurance which was rather unusual where she only had to pay in case of accidental death which means either being shot, stabbed or run over by a car. The beneficiary was the accused and she did in fact receive the benefits,” says Judge Monama.

VIDEO: Judge Ramarumo Monama 

Nomia Ndlovu has been found guilty of six counts of murder and several of fraud at the High Court sitting at the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court in Johannesburg, on Friday.

The court earlier heard during judgment that former Tembisa policewoman took hitmen to her mother’s home in Mpumalanga to point out the house and have her murdered for an insurance payout.

The court heard that every time there was a murder in her family, she would go to different police stations to either report the murder or report a missing person’s case and become incredibly emotional.

The court has also heard evidence from the various insurance companies that Ndlovu defrauded. They indicated that she was under investigation and she also threatened one insurance agent if the claim was not paid out to her.

The 46-year-old took out a number of funeral policies with different insurers that would only payout in the event of accidental death.

VIDEO: Nomia Ndlovu murder trial