No justice in animal cruelty case in which Thandi Modise was found not guilty: AfriForum Private Prosecution Unit

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AfriForum Private Prosecution Unit says there was no justice in the animal cruelty case against Defence Minister, Thandi Modise, who was found not guilty by the Potchefstroom Regional Court in the North West in April, last year, on charges pertaining to animal cruelty.

Modise was facing six charges in relation to an incident where more than 200 animals on her farm near Potchefstroom had to be put down, in 2014, due to malnutrition.

In 2014, 50 dead pigs and carcasses of other animals including sheep, goats, and chickens were found on Modise’s farm. They appeared to have starved to death.

Surviving animals were found in a desperate situation without food and water.

Over 160 animals were later euthanized by NSPCA due to their deprived conditions.

AfriForum Private Prosecution Unit says principles pertaining to the court’s decision to find Modise not guilty were incorrectly applied.

“This appeal emphasises the fact that we will continue to fight for justice and utilise private prosecutions to ensure that everyone is equal before the law. The private prosecution unit is convinced that the principles pertaining to a discharge were incorrectly applied. We are of the opinion that a strong case has been made out against Ms Thandi Modise and therefore we took the regional court’s decision on appeal to the high court,” explain Natasha Vender, Advisor.

One year ago, the Potchefstroom Regional Court in the North West has acquitted the speaker of the National Assembly Thandi Modise of all charges of animal neglect. This comes after her defence filed the Section 174 application of the criminal procedure act not to be found guilty on all charges. But the prosecuting team wanted her to be found guilty, saying she abandoned her farm.

Court acquits Thandi Modise of all charges of animal neglect:

At the time of broadcast, the SABC’s efforts in reaching Modise’s legal representative were not successful. Meanwhile, the appeal is expected to be heard on 10 March 2023, in the North West High Court in Mahikeng.