No hope that ANC can rid itself of corrupt individuals: Analyst

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Political analyst Asanda Ngoasheng says there’s no hope that the governing African National Congress (ANC) can rid itself of corrupt individuals. The party’s National Executive Committee’s (NEC) special meeting held at Nasrec in Johannesburg has adjourned.

The meeting was expected to discuss the Phala Phala matter but has now decided it will be integrated into the party’s Organisational Report at the National Conference.

Ngoasheng says the fate of the country is now with the electorate.

“South Africans need to make a decision about whether we are going to allow the ANC to drag us into the depth of banality of history or if we are going to use our vote to take back our country. Essentially what has happened is South Africa as a brand, as a country has been hijacked by a million people who are now basically holding 60 million plus people hostage with their desire for putting in place corrupt people,” says Ngoasheng.

The ANC’s NEC will meet for yet another special sitting on Friday, where it’s expected to receive outstanding reports from its Integrity Committee, including on party President Cyril Ramaphosa and the Phala Phala saga.

Attempts to deal with the report at last month’s ordinary sitting of the NEC failed after it was leaked to the public.

Since then, Parliament’s Section 89 committee report investigating his conduct over the burglary at his Limpopo farm has found that he may have violated the Constitution, the law and committed gross misconduct.

Last month’s leaked integrity report failed to apportion blame for the Phala Phala farm saga on anyone but it seemed to believe that the matter involving the ANC president brought the party into disrepute.

And while he survived an attempt to push him out last week, he faces another challenge on Friday with concerns that the committee of elders might recommend that he steps aside.

VIDEO: Analysis of ANC NEC meeting over reports on Phala Phala & Digital Vibes

Following the NEC meeting, ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe briefed the media.

He said, “To remind you of what the resolution of the 54th what the resolution said on the IC is that the Integrity Commission will report directly to the National Executive Committee, National General Council and the National Conference. In this instance, we are seven days away from the National Conference, it is only fair and opportune that the Integrity Commission report forms part of all Organisational reports that will be placed before the conference.”

Mabe’s media briefing below: