No details to support US embassy’s warning of terror attack being planned on Sandton: NATJOINTS

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The National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure (NATJOINTS) says there are no details to support the US embassy’s warning of a terror attack being planned for Sandton, in Johannesburg, this weekend.

The country was put on high alert on Wednesday after the warning.

Several other embassies in the country, including the UK, French, Canadian, German and Australian missions, followed suit with their own warnings to their citizens based on the US alert.

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Meanwhile, the annual Pride march by the LGBTI+ community will go ahead in Sandton today despite the alert.

The NATJOINT spokesperson, Robert Netshiunda says: “The South African Intelligence Community had engaged the US counterpart with an expectation that credible information will be shared as part of cooperation agreements which the law enforcement agencies with foreign agencies as information is shared in aspects of mutual context. South of institutionalised processes, the NATJOINTS has counter intelligence measures in place to assess and mitigate terrorism threats.

Heightened law enforcement 

The US threat alert comes at a time when heightened law enforcement visibility and targeted operations are already in place as part of Safer Festive Season Campaign which started on 15 October 2022. All hands are on deck and all law enforcement agencies have joined forces to ensure that South Africans and those who live in this country are and feel safe.”

NATJOINTS says it notes with concern the statement issued by the US embassy in South Africa to their citizens about the possibility of a terror attack in Sandton.

South African intelligence community has engaged with the US counterparts with an expectation that credible information will be shared.

As part of cooperation agreements which enforcement agencies, South Africans are urged to report any suspicious behavior and activities.

“If you see something, say something. Trust your guard and act. To provide information that may assist the law enforcement agencies, call our 24 hour hotline 086 10111.”

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