Emergency Services are currently on the scene in Kempton Park, east of Johannesburg, after a train collision left over 150 passengers injured.

The trains are reported to have been headed to the same destination. No deaths have been reported.

“We’ve got two Metrorail trains, passenger trains that are involved in a crash. Both trains were destined to Pretoria. Apparently the first train that was in the platform had mechanical challenges. Subsequent to that the secondary train came from behind and crashed into this first one which was on the platform as well,” Ekurhuleni Emergency Services Spokesperson, William Ntladi.

Metrorail officials are also on the scene. Spokesperson for Metrorail, Lilian Mofokeng says they will be able to inform commuters of possible changes in service after they have cleared the scene.

“Two trains have hit each other from the back. One train was stationary when the other train came from the rear end and hit it. Priority is given to clearing the scene and assisting the injured commuters and then we will be able to assess the level of service.”