No cholera found in main source of water feeding Hammanskraal

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The City of Tshwane says no cholera was found in samples taken from several sources around Temba and Hammanskraal.

The city’s divisional head of bulk water and wastewater services, David Ntsowe says samples were taken from multiple reservoirs, fire hydrants, primary schools, clinics and other locations that receive water from the Temba Water Treatment Plant.

This after Hammanskraal saw a cholera outbreak which has resulted in the death of 15 people so far.

Possible source of the cholera outbreak in Hammanskraal:

Ntsowe said while they found no contaminants that can be linked to the outbreak in the tap water in Hammanskraal, residents must refrain from drinking it.

“Especially the area that’s receiving water from the Temba purification plant, the water that’s comes out of that plant is not fit for potable uses, but not necessarily due to microbial contamination but due to other contamination. So, we have consistently put that message out to the community and in turn urged them to use that water for other purposes, flushing the toilet, gardening purposes and potable water is then brought to the residents.”