NIP 2050 aims to end theft, vandalism of infrastructure: De Lille

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Public Works and Infrastructure Minister Patricia de Lille says one of the key elements of the National Infrastructure Plan (NIP) 2050 is to end theft and vandalism of the public infrastructure.

The Minister was briefing the media in Pretoria on the gazetting of the over R6 trillion plan covering 62 projects across the country.

The projects range from water, energy and digital communication infrastructures. The country’s rail network was destroyed at the height of the hard lockdown in 2020 and in some areas infrastructure projects are stopped due to political interference and extortion.

De Lille says the National Infrastructure Plan 2050 will deal with these challenges. “Some of the commitment that we have made in the NIP 2050 is that we have committed to address crime and corruption focussing on vandalising of state assets, the theft of state assets, the corruption in procurement, extortion and political unrest that hinders the implementation of infrastructure. But we have also aligned the 50-year plan with the National Development Plan and also with the National Spatial Plan Framework of government.”

Media briefing on gazetting of the National Infrastructure Plan 2050:

Budget 2022

During his maiden budget speech, Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana announced a provisional R17.5 billion injection for the Medium-Term Expenditure Framework for infrastructure catalytic projects, aiming to upgrade roads, bridges, water, transport, and school infrastructure, as well as hospitals and clinics.

For some time, the government has had its eye on the long-term savings industry, which includes life offices and retirement funds, as a potential funding partner for its infrastructure programme.

Head of Alternative Investment Services, RisCura, Heleen Goussard unpacks the budget: