Nigerians anxiously await election results

Woman casting vote
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Nigerians are waiting anxiously as the official results from the Presidential and National Assembly elections across Nigeria are being announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission. This as the African Union (AU) observer mission declares that the elections were held in a peaceful environment. According to the Commission, 91 political parties participated in these general elections.

The official results have started coming in from different wards and local government areas in the country.

According to some news line platforms, Atiku Abubakar is winning in some parts of the country. Muhammadu Buhari is also gaining the upper hand in some places.

Buhari says that he knows that he has won.

“I will congratulate myself; I’m going to be the winner. Thank you very much.”

His rival, Abubakar has raised hopes that he is on the winning track.

There are mixed reactions from Nigerians as they await the outcome.

“Anything outside fair and justice, Nigeria will not take it. The best candidate must emerge and people’s opinion must count.”

“Within me I know they will rig it, this election must be rigged by the federal government and INEC because they are, I don’t know, they know themselves but to me, in free and fair elections, Atiku will win.”

Nigerians voted from a list of 72 Presidential candidates and 6 584 National Assembly candidates.

Meanwhile, civil society groups monitoring the elections say nearly 39 people have been killed in vote-related violence. The group reports that just over a quarter of the nearly 120 000 polling stations were under police guard, but says there were short falls and gaps in security elsewhere.

Nigerians are hoping that by the end of Monday, they will know who will lead their country to a better future.