Health Minister Zweli Mkhize has outlined the possible sources of funding for the National Health Insurance.

The NHI Bill is to be fully implemented in the year 2026 and aims to give all South Africans equal access to quality health care.

The Bill was sent to Parliament last week after being approved by cabinet.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has threatened to go to court as they believe the Bill is unconstitutional.

Mkhize says they have identified a number of potential sources to help fund the NHI.

“We identified a number of potential sources of where we think the money should come from. What is allocated to the Health Department now, will go into the process. Some of the contributions that government is putting onto the medical aids, medical tax credits will also have to be put towards this fund. Government will also have to look at surcharges from employers and employees. At the time when it is needed, Treasury will issue a money Bill that will say this is what we are going to raise,” Mkhize says.

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