Ngcobo residents angry over incomplete infrastructure projects

Residents protesting
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Residents of Ngcobo in the Eastern Cape are angry over incomplete infrastructure projects. They say it’s proof of large scale corruption in the town and claim that project funds are being diverted into the accounts of municipal officials.

Earlier this year, the town was shut down twice by protesters. Residents now want the Ngcobo Local Municipality to be placed under administration.

A multi-million rand modern taxi-rank is standing incomplete. It’s alleged the funds for the project has been paid that contractors are not properly documented and that progress reports have not been submitted to the municipality.

A stadium is another project standing idle since 2015.

“We are tired. We want the municipality to take us seriously. Our rights have not been taken seriously, residents have had enough. We want this town to be developed and not corruption. Corruption is too much, monies have been paid to private accounts, enough is enough, this town will come to a standstill on Thursday and that municipality will be put under administration,” says Black Business Forum’s  Mcebisi Mgudlwa.

Eighteen roads have been completed but there are claims that R30 million was paid to non-registered companies. The municipality has called on residents to provide proof of their allegations.

It says phase one of the major projects have already been completed.

“We want anyone to come with evidence and we are not going to be distracted by individuals. There is service delivery in our municipality and we are busy with phase two now and everything is working so smooth in eNgcobo and a lot of our contractors have complied with the our standards ,” says municipal spokesperson, Lusizo Ntshinka.

Residents are not convinced and have indicated that another protest and shut down is on the cards.