Ngcobo community continues to live in fear

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Residents of Nyanga in Ngcobo in the Eastern Cape say they continue to live in fear although there have been a number of arrests in connection with the attack on the town’s police station last week.

They believe more people were involved in the killing of five police officers and a soldier.

A total of five people have already appeared in court and charged with murder, attempted murder and robbery. One more person was arrested on Tuesday night.

People who live next to the Mancoba Seven Angels Ministries are fed up; they want the church to be demolished.

Church neighbour says:”Banele is the mastermind; the most giant that is going to destroy, people are so scared. We saw him fighting against government insulting the police.”

In 2016 the SABC exposed the church and then one of the leaders said they didn’t respect the constitution because it was possessed by demons.

The community around the church want its leaders to be arrested and that only then will they have peace.

The latest arrest was made when a man taken in for questioning pointed out a pistol that he hid in a pit toilet.

The man will appear in court on Thursday.

Five suspects have already appeared in the Ngcobo Magistrate’s court on charges of murder, attempted murder and robbery.

The police investigation continues.

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BREAKING NEWS: Govender brothers sentenced to 7 years imprisonment for attempted murder, 3 years for grievous bodily harm and 12 months for assault common. For more visit http://sabcnews.com