NFP young members lament lack of jobs

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Young members of the National Freedom Party (NFP) say they are desperate for jobs. They are among those at the party’s election manifesto launch in Ulundi, in northern KwaZulu-Natal.

The NFP is attempting to rebuild after a series of leadership battles following the death of its founder, Zanele KaMagwaza Msibi, in 2021.

Nqobizitha Sithole is the party’s youth chairperson in Ulundi.

She says young people should be equipped with skills.

“There should be a comprehensive change in the education system. Firstly, I think we should engage learners at high school (level) on the issue of career guidance. Learners should be guided into careers that are in high demand. We are suggesting that there should not be a total phase-out of certain courses like nursing and education because. Clearly, when someone graduates with those degrees, they will not get a job. Rather, let us apply what we call a phased gap of two years, and learners should not be enrolled in those faculties.”

NFP launches its 2024 Elections Manifesto in Ulundi