NFP in Cape Town says they were not given a fair chance during the voting process

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The National Freedom Party (NFP) in Cape Town has blamed both the Electoral Commission(IEC) and the DA for being unfair in their conduct on the election day.

The party says their candidates and supporters were not given a fair chance during the voting process.

Alivana Abrahams, who was the NFP Mayoral candidate for the Drakenstein Municipality in Paarl, alleges that even during the special voting weekend,  there were not enough ballot papers for their people to cast their votes.

“And on that day, they didn’t bring the VDs, they just put tents and structures there and a little hooky,” says Abrahams.

Abrahams says there wasn’t enough space for their agents to sit.

“Our agents have to work. You come four at a time and the other comes out after two hours and that nonsense because, at that time of two hours when the others are not there, a lot of corruption could have happened,” says Abrahams.


NFP Heads to court 

NFP says it will on Thursday afternoon approach the Pietermaritzburg High Court seeking to halt the announcement of the results, following the IEC’s reluctance to accede to a party demand for a recount.

The Party Spokesperson, Canaan Mdletshe says the party is convinced that they have won seven wards in eDumbe, but final results from the Commission shows that the party won six.

“We want a recount of ward 1 and 3 in eDumbe because we believe that we won those two wards, but according to IEC we only won 6 wards out of 10 wards in eDumbe. But our party agents who were there during the voting period and counting got first information that the NFP won at least 7 wards but the IEC says we won 6 and we are not happy about it. We’ve been communicating with the local IEC in eDumbe and without any assistance,” says Mdletshe.

NFP demands a recount on election results: