The African Freedom Revolution (AFR) is hoping to get up to 3 million voters in the upcoming elections, a figure that is double the number of votes obtained by the EFF in 2014. That’s the message from party president, Bishop Bheki Ngcobo.

The party says it will contest elections nationally and in all nine provinces.

Ngcobo is a well-known supporter of former President Jacob Zuma.

AFR is currently taking their election campaign nationwide.

South African voters will be spoilt for choice with about 285 political parties that have registered with the IEC to participate in 2019’s national election.

Ngcobo is among religious leaders in KwaZulu-Natal who have been mobilising support for former ANC president Jacob Zuma at his court appearances, but Ngcobo says they will not ask the former president to join their new political home.

“No, we cannot ask JZ to join us now. JZ is on pension. There is nowhere we can put him now, back to the political position, but we believe that the president is for everybody. President Zuma can come and advise us as African Freedom Revolution because we regard him as a father of the nation, not only the father of the ANC. We can still allow him to come and advise us.”

Ngcobo says he will continue supporting Zuma at the Pietermaritzburg High Court.

“I believe in fairness and I believe in justice. If it happened that a person is guilty in the eyes of the public and not guilty in the eyes of the judiciary, that means we are talking about something else. A person in this country is found guilty by the court of law. We still believe that we are going to support JZ if we still have that opportunity and I will also mobilise the African Freedom Revolution to be part of that campaign.”

Party Chair Anthea King van Vollenhoven says they will also be targeting voters in the minority groups.

“It is my humble appeal and request to encourage the minority as the Coloureds, the Khoisan and the minority race to rally behind us. Most specifically, I speak to my own people, the Coloureds, the Khoisan as they have been previously sidelined, forgotten and not taken care of. We also experienced poverty and we are still experiencing poverty as we speak.”

The party says it plans to embark on various activities in an attempt to woe the hearts of voters.