The newly-established Disability and Older Persons political party has called on residents of Lekwa in Standerton to give them a chance in this local government elections.  

Party president, Doctor Mayisela conducted a door-to-door campaign in Sakhile township.

Mayisela says they stand to bring about change to the people.

“We are a political party which aims at assisting the people with disabilities and we are calling for the people to give us a chance so that we can prove that we ready to govern in this municipality.”

The residents of Sakhile say they will cast their votes on the 1st of November voting for the DOPP.  

Residents believe the Lekwa Municipality has failed to deliver services because of political infighting.

“I’ve no doubt the party will assist especially people living with disabilities,” says one resident.  

“We hope DOPP will do better if we can vote them into power. As you can see, even the streets vehicles cannot move well.”

Meanwhile, national government has taken over the administration of the municipality and installed an administrator following a High Court order.