Newcastle mayor welcomes court ruling on Eskom

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Mayor of Newcastle in KwaZulu-Natal Ntuthuko Mahlaba has welcomed the ruling of the High Court in Pietermartzburg which has ordered Eskom not to cut off electricity supply to the town in the north of the province.

The court made a final order after presentations from Eskom regarding the Newcastle Municipality’s R200-million debt.

The municipality had been granted an interim order on the eve of electricity cuts at the end of September.

Eskom wanted the municipality to make monthly payments of at least R60-million.

The municipality asked to pay at least R30-million per month.

Mahlaba says they are prepared to make their first payment next Monday.

He says: “We are very happy about the decision. It confirms what we have always been saying and what we proposed to Eskom. Had they not been arrogant we would have not been here in court.”

“Eskom as a State entity had been run down by those who claim to be saving it today. We would have raised this decision outside court. It was unnecessary for us to come here.”