The City of New York has informed the President of the United Nations’ General Assembly that all persons visiting the institution for next week’s High-Level meetings will have to show proof of vaccination.

A letter from New York City’s Commissioner for International Affairs reads that under the city’s requirements, all persons entering the UN premises for the purpose of entering the General Assembly Hall would be required to show that they had been immunized against COVID-19.

The letter also points to requirements of the US Centres for Disease Control that all visitors to the country be tested prior to entry into the US while New York City has stringent vaccine requirements for entry into indoor spaces, including gyms, restaurants and other entertainment facilities.

The City has also indicated that it would provide vaccination and testing resources for attendees to the GA’s High-Level Week.

President of the GA Abdulla Shahid, in a letter to member states, said he fully supported the move – a measure that should allow a further increase in in-person meetings and stood ready, with the Secretary-General, to implement the proof of vaccination requirement as soon as possible.