New Somerset Hospital staff and patients receiving counselling following fatal shooting

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The Western Cape Health Department says staff and patients at the New Somerset Hospital near the Waterfront, who witnessed a shooting incident that left three people dead, are receiving counselling.

A police officer, Constable Donay Phillips, who was seriously wounded during the shooting, has died in hospital.

The 32-year-old officer was wounded after a patient who was about to be discharged grabbed the officer’s firearm and shot him. The suspect also shot two other patients who died on the scene.

“I just got confirmation that they are undergoing counselling and they already made a plan B just in case. Some staff might not have been able to come back this morning and also tonight, because both of them, the day and the night shifts, were there at the time during the handing over,” said Provincial Health Minister Nomafrench Mbombo.

Police praised for swift response

Western Cape Community Safety Minister, Reagen Allen, has praised the police for their swift action in securing the scene inside the hospital.  Allen was part of a group of government officials who visited the hospital on Sunday.

“Whenever I hear of any cop that is killed in the line of duty or off duty, my heart goes out knowing that they are there to protect us, to serve us. And in this circumstances, I am glad that the SAPS was quick in securing the scene, in approaching the hospital and the nurses, all the staff that were here on duty.”