The new political party, African Transformation Movement (ATM) has been launched in the Eastern Cape. Hundreds of people mainly, members of the Twelve Apostolic Church in Christ members converged at Walter Sisulu University stadium near Mthatha. The stadium was painted with blue and white colors as newly formed political party members were chanting and singing to welcome their provincial leaders.

Former DA provincial chairperson Veliswa Mvenya was announced as the provincial chairperson of the ATM.  Mvenya says the party seeks to preach peace, transformation and crime free society throughout the continent.

“The problem is not only in South Africa, the problem is through- out Africa, we have got serious challenges here  in Africa, corruption, people are murdering each other, crime is too high, rape is too high… so it’s time for God to intervene through political party, because political party is the only way to intervene in every situation, even in government.”

Twelve Apostolic Church in Christ president, Professor Caesar Nongqunga has condemned the ruling party for purging people with different political views. He says the killing of political leaders is a shame for the nation.

“We are perturbed by the killing of people by the fellow comrades, we regard comrades as church of Christ as a fellow brother. It is not right that people can continue to die in the name of comradeship. We need peace and stability.”

Nongqunga reminded the people that his church played a pivotal role in the formation of ANC’s Umkhonto we Sizwe and the PAC’s APLA armed political wings. He says Oliver Tambo and Robert Sobukwe were the products of his church. He says they have decided to withdraw their political support from the ANC and support ATM because there is no peace in the ANC.