New political organisation emerges as crictical player in Newcastle, KZN

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A new political organisation, Team Sugar South Africa (TSSA), has emerged as a critical player in Newcastle in KwaZulu-Natal and is set to play the role of a kingmaker, after its leader took the role of Deputy Mayor in the Municipality.

TSSA was formed as a labour and social movement, fighting for rights of factory workers.

The small political party secured two wards and five proportional representation seats during the 2021 local government elections.

Today, the party is determined to make inroads in the eThekwini Municipality as it expects to welcome hundreds of new members from the city.

Party President, Shukela Thwala says they want to grow their membership across South Africa.

“We are welcoming new members from different regions as TSSA since you are all aware, we’ve registered nationally but we focused on Newcastle but now we are increasing the organisation in all regions in South Africa.

Basically today we will be equipping members with the tools to go back to communities and spread the word about the party and requirements, knowledge first and that is when they will go back and start building the branches.”