New MK Party unlikely to affect KZN opposition parties in elections

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Opposition parties in KwaZulu-Natal say the emergence of the new uMkonto Wesizwe (MK) political party will not affect their trajectory ahead of the upcoming general elections.

This follows analysis from several political experts that the MK Party might not only be a threat to the African National Congress (ANC) but also to opposition parties. The party is endorsed by former President Jacob Zuma.

The official opposition in KwaZulu-Natal, the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), says it is not phased by the new kid on the block.

IFP chairperson, Thami Ntuli says, “Even while he was with the ANC and President of the Republic for the second term he did not enjoy the support he did during the first term. He is a resident of Nkandla people kept on voting for the IFP including his ward. The ward is led by the IFP including today. It used to be the ANC ward. Even the VD he is voting in the majority voted for the IFP. I am not expecting any change in the people pertaining to the IFP hence the IFP is on an upward trajectory.”

Independent political analyst Precious Lugayeni warns that the ANC and opposition parties should be concerned about their support base.

“uMkhonto Wesizwe Party will get votes from all of the parties but mainly from the ANC. You will recall that it is not impossible for people to vote for Umkhonto Wesizwe. The vibe has always been to vote the ANC out. It will have an impact on all parties but mainly the ANC. The ANC was already in trouble because most of the by-elections were won by the IFP. But we do not know what will happen not to the people who will be voting for the IFP now that there is Umkhonto wesizwe.”

Suspension of membership

ANC Secretary in KwaZulu-Natal Bheki Mtolo says the Provincial Executive Committee has resolved that party members who associate with other political parties should have their membership suspended.

Addressing the media in Durban, Mtolo says, “All ANC public representatives who form part of activities of other political formation, their membership is summarily suspended with immediate effect, and will be brought before the ANC Provincial Disciplinary Committee.”

“Members of the ANC who associate themselves and participate in activities of other political parties that contest elections against the African National Congress, they are presumed as they had left the ANC and voluntarily terminated their membership and will be removed from the membership register of all our members.,” Mtolo adds.

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