New MK Party member Papa Penny confident his party will unseat ANC

MK Party
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A well-known former African National Congress (ANC) councilor and musician who recently joined the MK Party is confident that his party has the capability to unseat the ruling party during next week’s general elections.

Disco legend, Erik Nkovani, popularly known as Papa Penny, resigned as an ANC member and councilor in the Greater Giyani Municipality last week.

Nkovani tendered his resignation as an ANC PR councilor and branch chairperson on the 14th of May.

Videos of him at the MK’s rally this past weekend have been circulating on social media. He says despite serving in the ANC as a leader for over a decade, his contribution was never valued.

“When I was still in the ANC, for 40 years, they never saw the importance of Penny Penny, stopping me to work for community, blocking everything that I’m doing for community (sic). The road that you saw when you came, (it wasn’t there) until President Zuma came, and he gave (it) the community of Limpopo. There was no money at that time. They had disbanded the structure of Limpopo. President Zuma came, and he gave us the road. That is why it is the party that I think I can join,” says Nkovani.

Spokesperson of the ANC in the Norman Mashabane Region, Peter Ngoveni says they are not worried that Papa Penny left the party because he benefitted more than he contributed to the party.

“Mr Nkovani just leaves the ANC with colourful shoes, sharp noses, his obnoxious hairstyles and his regurgitated songs that are not appealing really to this generation. If you are to talk about the quality of the membership, the ANC has not lost anything. But in terms of quantity, we have lost one member,” says Ngoveni.