The Department of Basic Education is starting a new system of allowing matric students who were progressed into matric to complete their examinations over two years.

This means some students will from 2019 be allowed to write either their exams in October and November, or if they want, they can wait until June the next year.

Basic Education Spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga says this is to help learners who are not coping with the curriculum to obtain their matric certificate.

“We’re saying those that have not passed Grade 11, and have been progressed to Grade 12, should consider not writing all their subjects at once, because their performance has already showed that they won’t be able to pass if they were to sit for the entire set of subjects at once. So, we say to them, write some subjects in November/October and come back another time to write another set of subjects, so that you’re able to combine them and get your certificate.”

Meanwhile, the Department last year launched its Second Chance Matric Support Programme.

The programme offers matrics to rewrite their Grade 12 subjects to either improve their marks or to pass subjects they’ve failed.

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