New look for SABC News

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In line with keeping up with the fast evolution of News, SABC News has undertaken a complete overhaul  – this through the re-imagining and re-branding across all its platforms.  The bold move seeks to ensure that the News division of the public broadcaster will be a premium source of News in South Africa and the continent.

These  changes are to be unveiled on Monday, June 4.

Group Executive of News and Current Affairs Phathiswa Magopeni says the process of re-branding the News division will ensure that SABC maintains its mandate as a public broadcaster and will be the voice of the people. Magopeni describes this initiative as a considered back to basics approach. “It’s the News content that we are focusing on, what that means is that across our platforms, our people that consume the news have to have the same experience….. In terms of tone and quality – Its got to be the same.”

This undertaking will see SABC News transformed to being the most credible, trusted and preferred news provider. However, this process will also see a new look and feel, as well as a refreshed line-up of shows that promises to be compelling, one which Magopeni promises will excite viewers and bring them closer to resonating with SABC News.

The key to ensuring that the public broadcaster claims its stake as the number one source of News will be ensuring that the audiences get the News they need.  “We have to ensure that South Africans get the information they require, which is quality and credible information, not just information that we give them because we can. It has to resonate with the requirement that we have to meet in terms of their needs, that’s where we are going with the brand,” says Magopeni.

The rebranding will be extended across the SABC News Channel, Digital News as well as TV and Radio news. South Africans can expect a distinct signature tune for news bulletins on all radio platforms that will reflect the identity of premium news.

Watch video below: