New liquor trading regulations for Limpopo

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Limpopo’s Economic Development Department says it will go ahead and implement the new liquor trading regulations.

MEC Rodgers Monama says the new act will be implemented as planned effective from the 1st of August.

The act will see liquor trading hours being reduced from 02:00am to 12 midnight. The liquor outlets will also trade on Sundays. This despite opposition from liquor traders’ association.

The associations argues that it is still recovering from COVID-19 losses and that there might be job losses.

Monama however says there have been widespread consultations for the past few years.

“In terms of the act, there is no way in which we can reverse the process because that process is legislated public hearings have been conducted by the legislature and our officials have conducted the consultation throughout the province. They were talking about regulations and all these provinces have amended the regulations that we have,” Monama added.

Video: Concern over Limpopo’s liquor curfew: Lucky Ntimane: