New Free State Provincial Task Team rejected

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African National Congress (ANC) veterans and some branches in the Mangaung Region of the Free State have rejected the newly appointed Provincial Task Team.  They have labelled it factional and say it is made up of people that were part of the Provincial Executive Committee that was disbanded by the court.

The veterans in Mangaung convened a meeting of branches. They want the ANC National Executive Committee to intervene. They say the Provincial Task Team is dominated by a factional group who are driven by patronage.

“The PTT is made up of people who do not reflect a group that can provide solutions to the problems that we are sitting with in the Free State,” says ANC veteran Gregory Nthatisi.

It is believed that the organisation has three factions in the Free State.

“The first one consists of comrades with morals discipline and values. They have a history of struggle in the ANC. The second group is the group that is currently in government. They are using state resources to fight their battles. The third group is comrades that were part of the second group,” says ANC veteran Richard Hlangu.