New details of illness emerge after the death of one of Phoenix murder suspects

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New details are emerging of the illness that appears to have led to the death of one of the Phoenix murder suspects in Kwa-Zulu Natala, Jeetendra Jaikissoon. He died in a Durban hospital after being unwell in the Westville Prison.  

Jaikissoon and brothers Dylan and Ned Govender

Over 30 people died in Phoenix during this time.  

Jaikisson last appeared in the Verulam Magistrates Court earlier this week.  

Correctional Services Spokesperson, Singabakho Nxulamo, says, “He was transferred to the Durban management area to the hospital complaining about difficulty in breathing and chest pains. A detailed investigation will be launched and this will be assisted by an autopsy report in determining an actual cause of death. Our sincere condolences go to the family of the deceased.” 

His uncle Manoj Harrilall says Jaikissoon had been unwell since Tuesday when his wife last visited him, the day before his court appearance.  

He says the family is devastated…

“So Jiten has been sick since Tuesday. His wife went and visited him on Tuesday at the prison. He was complaining of chest pains. He’s been at the Westville hospital for a night and he still wasn’t well. Well, they took him and brought him back. And his sugar was high and they were giving him antibiotics, right? So, they weren’t even giving him sugar tablets. Last night, he got very sick. They  only brought him to King Edward Hospital at 12:25 and at 12:45 he passed away.”