New Delhi hospital prepares for heatwave-related illnesses

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A hospital in New Delhi has set up a special ‘heat stroke unit’ amid rising cases of heatwave-related illnesses in the Indian capital which is battling extreme summer temperatures.

The hospital staff was seen inflating water beds, ensuring the supply of ice, and cleaning the unit to keep it prepared for any heatstroke patients.
The doctor in charge of the special unit said that they had seen at least six patients with heat stroke and two with heat exertion.

The temperature in Delhi has reached record high levels, while parts of northwest and central India have been experiencing heat wave to severe heat wave conditions for weeks.

Meanwhile, in northern Aligarh city, patients suffering from heat exertion symptoms such as dysentery and nausea were seen lying on hospital beds.

Asia has sweltered in a hotter summer this year – a trend scientists say has been worsened by human-driven climate change.

India declares a heat wave when the maximum temperature is 4.5 degrees C to 6.4 degrees C higher than usual and a severe heat wave when it is 6.5 degrees C higher than normal or more.