Netball President wants more money for Telkom Premier League winners

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Netball South Africa President Cecilia Molokwane is hoping that the future winners of the Telkom Premier League will win R1 million in prize money.

The Gauteng Jaguars successfully defended their crown over the weekend and won R250 000, with the runners up Western Cape Southern Stings winning R150 000.

In 2018, the Jaguars won R100 000.

In 2019, the tournament was boosted by the new sponsorship of Telkom which ensured that the incentives and prize monies were good.

There was also a male team taking part as well as the Zimbabwe national team and the Spar Smileys team, that comprised of locally based national team players, who were preparing for the Netball World Cup in Liverpool in July.

Molokwane was impressed with the new innovations.

All the teams lost the national team players to the Spar Smileys. The Jaguars have now won the competition three times in a row, and prior to that The Free State Crinums had also achieved the same feat.

The 2018’s tournament gave an opportunity to many young players and Molokwane was pleased with that. – Report by Vincent Sitsula

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