The Nelson Mandela Foundation has called on South Africans to use this day to reflect on ways to fight corruption, inequality and poverty.

This comes as the country marks the 30th anniversary of former president, Nelson Mandela’s release from the then Victor Verster Prison after serving 27 years behind bars.

It also marks the anniversary of the un-banning of political parties and the release of other political prisoners.

President Cyril Ramaphosa will address crowds at Cape Town’s City Hall where he will speak from the balcony on which Madiba delivered his first public address within hours after his release.

Nelson Mandela Foundation CEO, Sello Hatang, has called on people to attend the event saying registration begins at 10am.

He says this moment should not be about the past and being happy about what we have done without saying we could have done better.

“Corruption continues to run amock in our country. We still have criminality and these are things that we are still grappling with. I think if we are to do anything in moments like these, we should say we are better people.”

“Back then Madiba said that I am here to give the remaining years of my life to you, the people, so that you can use them,” says Hatang.

Activities at Drakenstein Correctional Facility (previously known as Victor Verster Prison ) started early on Tuesday morning.