Nelson Mandela Foundation calls for revived constitutionalism

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Honouring the 8th anniversary of Madiba’s passing, the Nelson Mandela Foundation has called for revived constitutionalism in order to realise Madiba’s vision of a better life for all.

The call comes as the country marked the annual Nelson Mandela Remembrance Walk and Run. The event was held virtually amid the surge in COVID-19 cases.

South Africans celebrated the icon’s memory virtually. Participants were urged to walk wherever they are and share their experiences online.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation reminded the country that the 5th of December is a day to reflect on the state of the country.

The Foundation called for better constitutionalism that will restore the dignity of the grassroots majority.

Nelson Mandela Foundation CEO, Sello Hatang says has urged the nation to remember the long way ahead.

“When we say constitutionalism we mean the use of constitutional instruments to transform a society shaped many centuries of oppression. Sadly more than often the constitution is used to protect power and privilege. As we remember the things we still need to do, the long walk ahead.”

Remembering Nelson Mandela 

The Mangaung metro municipality says plans are in place to improve the Naval Hill game reserve in Bloemfontein. The former President Nelson Mandela’s gigantic statue was erected at Naval Hill in December 2012 and continues to attract visitors on a daily basis.

Mangaung Metro spokesperson Qondile Khedama says the statue is a very important part of the city and it gives a unique view of Bloemfontein.

“What are the things we did in 2012. Mr Kenny Freddy donated a statue of about 8 metres. And is facing the Methodist church, Waaihoek, where the African National Congress was born. So to us, it is not only a tourism attraction but it also offers us a number of items like people who come here to relax, people who come here exercise and gym and all that.”

Residents of Bloemfontein say the legacy of former President Nelson Mandela should be preserved through fighting for economic emancipation and empowering one another.

Nelson Mandela Foundation has called for revived constitutionalism:

The virtual walk and run were also complemented by a small wreath-laying ceremony at the Union Building.

Gauteng Sports and Recreation MEC, Mbali Hlophe says change starts with small acts like respecting COVID restrictions.

“Change starts with small acts and remember we can be part of the change we want to see in this world. The small act is by ensuring that we protect ourselves and we protect everybody. Lets us respect the COVID restrictions.”

Tshwane Mayor, Randall Williams, “To celebrate Madiba’s legacy, we need to be true to his ideals and principles. Including his commitment to equality and justice.”

The event seeks to honour and remember the contributions of this global human rights icon, Nelson Mandela and raise funds to continue his legacy of empowering lives.

Prof. Saths Cooper on Madiba’s legacy: