Thousands of holidaymakers are expected to flock into the Nelson Mandela Bay in celebration of a new year.  The city says is ready to welcome the visitors.

Nelson Mandela Bay is dubbed as the home of water sport and three of its beaches have been awarded blue flag status.

“We are dubbed as the big seven which is the only city in the country that is offering the big seven, we are hoping again we can see the southern right whale and the great white shark which is plus two in terms of the big five, which is something unique only in this region, but there are a couple of other activities happening in the region.

You must remember also as the city we’ve got a number of blue flag beaches which means local and international tourists are safe in our beaches and our beaches are quite clearer,” explains Anele Qaba, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Director for Economic Development and Tourism.

Traditional beach day

It’s a traditional beach day for thousands of South Africans living on the coast. Good weather has been predicted for the Eastern Cape which sees thousands flocking to the sea. Authorities will have their hands full as NSRI has warned of spring high tides and big swells.


As thousands of beachgoers flocked the East London beaches in the Eastern Cape on Thursday, the Nahoon beach had to be closed for more than two hours. This after a paddler survived unharmed, a shark attack at the rift.

Authorities are now on high alert. Acting senior manager for marine and zoological services at the Buffalo City Metro, Allan Zealand says, “We’re monitoring all the beaches. What we are doing we have got spotters watching people, watching out. Like the chief lifeguard has been driving up and down since this morning to see if he spot anything. Thus far we haven’t seen. Later on, we will see if we can open the beach.”