Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality urges organisers to postpone events with potentially large crowds

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The Nelson Mandela Bay metro says it has advised organisers to postpone or cancel events with potentially large numbers.

The metro says this is one of its measures to protect the City from the looming fourth wave of the coronavirus. This, because there are currently over 550 active COVID-19 cases in the province.

The municipality has also cancelled the launch of its summer season. They say these events can only take place once a majority of residents are vaccinated.

The restrictions will affect many artists, financially.

“We understand that COVID-19 is a big challenge for the country, but we can’t run away from the fact that this will affect us negatively. We need these events because we need the money, and now this means that we won’t have anything to eat or bring back to our children at home,” says Artist Wela Matomela.

Nelson Mandela Bay metro says drastic measures in place ahead of the festive season:

The municipality is convinced that there is no other way around this but necessary provisions have been made.

“We have no choice but to ask that these events are cancelled or at least postponed. But we have made provisions for the artists to make sure they are still taken care of. We have advised them to still have their gigs, but try and gather in small numbers, that way everyone wins,” says Mayor Eugene Johnson.

Water crisis

Meanwhile, holidaymakers have been encouraged to make their way to the Bay. However, the water crisis is a concern.

“We have a truck full of pamphlets to educate everyone including holidaymakers about the water crisis in the bay. We really hope that the residents will also help us spread the word and continue to use the water sparingly. Let us fight the drought as a collective,” says Johnson.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality says it has increased visibility of law enforcement agents. This as they anticipate a large number of holidaymakers.

More lifeguards have been placed on various beaches, including those with blue flag status.

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