Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Council votes for new mayor as Eugene Johnson is ousted

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The Nelson Mandela Bay Council has adjourned temporarily to allow counting of votes for the vacant Mayor position.

Two candidates are contesting for the position. The Democratic Alliance (DA) has nominated Retief Odendaal as its own candidate, while the African National Congress (ANC) has nominated Wandisile Jikeka.

Earlier, former Mayor Eugene Johnson was ousted through a motion of no confidence. Tabling the motion, ACDP councillor Lance Grootboom accused Johnson of failing to deliver services to residents.

Tweet from SABC News journalist, Lerato Fekisi:

But Johnson refuted the claims.

“It will not be the first time for the ANC to be in the opposition benches. But the issue here is that truth must be told, and councillor Grootboom who is portraying the best councillor of all in this city, he was MMC for Health and Environment and the City was dirty since 2018. When President [Cyril} Ramaphosa was visiting the City, it was clean, we are cleaning this City.”

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