Nehawu strike at Fort Hare University finally over

Fort Hare university entrance
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The eight week long workers’ strike led by Nehawu at the University of Fort Hare in the Eastern Cape, has ended.

This follows extensive talks between the workers union, management and Higher Education Director-General, Gwebs Qonde.

The workers initially demanded a 12% wage increase while management was offering 6%.

Nehawu Chairperson at the institution, Vuyani Booi says the union has accepted the 6% increase plus a R3 000 once-off payment.

“Nehawu leadership and its constituency managed to fight for R 3 000 once off for all workers of the university, and that payment will be done in August. That’s what’s unique about this agreement –  and this is the kind of agreement that is different from the initial agreement that was signed by the other union in the institution.”