Nehawu in Parliament says the fatal shooting incident that happened on Friday at the national legislature was bound to happen. The union claims that it is dealing with a high number of grievances lodged by staff against senior managers but no one ever acts on those complaints.

A 57 year-old middle manager allegedly took his own life at his office on Friday. Nehawu’s branch chairperson Themba Gubula says it’s about time that action is taken against the violation of workers and human rights at Parliament.

“We deal with a lot of cases of victimisation abuse, violation of labour rights of employees in this institution so we are saying that what happened on Friday it’s of course sad but it was bound to happen there are many workers who come to us crying suffering ill treatment from their managers so if you look at that the number of grievances against managers you will realise that labour relations in this institution leaves much to be desired.”

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