Nehawu accuses NW premier of delaying tactics regarding forensic investigations

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Workers union Nehawu in the North West says it views the premier’s office’s statement that forensic investigations at the Health Department cannot be concluded due to the union’s strike as a delaying tactic.

Nehawu is among those who did not support the investigations that Director-General Lydia Sebego headed, saying it was not independent.

The Premier’s office says the investigation was supposed to have been concluded at the end of March but investigators couldn’t access important documents at the department’s offices due to the strike.

“The Acting HOD would have raised the matter with us; he has not raised the matter that they were people who were refused access to the particular premises so we view it as just a lie that is trying to paint a bad picture about the Union, its members and its leadership.  We will stand in nobody’s way who were been sent to go and do their work in so far as those investigations are concerned,” says Nehawu’s provincial secretary Patrick Makhafane.