NC students pledge to perform with vigour at international robotics competition

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Seven learners from Carnarvon High School in the Northern Cape have pledged to perform with vigour at the International robotics competition at Marrakesh in Morocco due to start next Thursday until the 21st of May. The learners are beneficiaries of the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics project rolled out at schools around Carnarvon.

Sharminah Slaverse and Revan De Wee are some of the learners who will represent the country in the competition.

According to Slaverse, “Since grade 4 I was in class but my teachers motivated me to go into robotics, because she thought I will do it nice. Then I went the first day I was interested and it went well. And today I am standing here representing South Africa.”

De Wee adds, “My interest in robotics started in 2018 when I was in grade 5, the year before that some of our teams went to national competition and I wanted to be part of it and also travel because I like traveling.”

Carnarvon High School was the pilot school when the robotics programme started in order to promote Maths and Science. Jeanine Mathison, Head of Maths and Science at the school says the project will produce future problem solvers to the current crises faced by the country.

“This school was a pilot, it started as a pilot school to promote maths and science … yes we are excited our learners will be competing internationally. This will be the second time our learners will be competing internationally and the skills acquired throughout the season they can be applied because they learn about energy crisis different kind of energy and sources they use in life.”

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