Natjoints sets up 24-hour election security coordination centre

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A 24-hour Coordinating Centre has been set up to monitor, coordinate information and report incidents relating to any threats with regards to the safety and security of the elections.

The National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure (Natjoints) Chairperson, Lieutenant General Tebello Mosikili, says the centre, which is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, will be officially opened on Friday next week.

Giving a security update ahead of the elections, Mosikili says the police and other law enforcement and security agencies are ready to ensure that the 2024 National and Provincial elections run smoothly.

“Having conducted a national security assessment with key role players in the Justice, Crime Prevention and Security Cluster, we are satisfied with the operational plan that is currently being implemented, and can assure South Africans that a conducive environment for a peaceful election has been prepared.”


She says a centre to deal with elections-related crimes and threats has been set up and will run through until the second week of July.

“This centre which will be equipped with the state of the art modern technology will be officially opened on Friday 24 May. This is where all operations in relation to all major events in the country including the upcoming NPE will be coordinated from.”

Mosikili says her members will assist with securing polling stations, movement of ballot papers and ballot boxes to their respective counting stations as well as assisting IEC personnel by removing those who may try to disrupt the process.

SANDF on standby

The South African National Defence Force has refused to divulge how many soldiers they would be deploying if any. SANDF Major General Mninimzi Sizani says they will be on standby.

“All I can reiterate here is that we are not a country at war. We are a country that is having an enduring peace. SNDF has prepared and will be prepared to deploy when required by the police.”

Meanwhile, Mosikili has warned that there will be zero tolerance towards threats, intimidation and closure of roads.

“We are aware of social media posts calling for a shutdown by a group of truck drivers this week. As previously communicated, there will be zero tolerance towards threats, intimidation and closure of our roads. Law enforcement agencies are on high alert to ensure there are no criminal activities and that law abiding citizens are not inconvenienced. We call on the Road Freight Industry workers to communicate their grievances within the confines of the law.”