Scores of people are expected to participate in a nationwide protest against the ban on smoking in the country on Saturday.

The protests will be in the form of a slow drive in 13 different locations across the country.

One of the organizers Linda Barnard from Smokers Unite South Africa says this is part of a series of peaceful protests to convince government to overturn the ban on smoking in the country during the lockdown.

“We are riding up against our government. We are fighting to get our rights back. We are fighting against the farm murders, we are fighting against gender-based-violence and then we are also fighting to get the ban that’s implemented for the alcohol and cigarettes lifted. We have decided on a slow drive because many people say but ‘ja what is the slow drive going to do? You have to do violence.’ I don’t want any person to get hurt. I want to be like that little mosquito that irritates the crap out of you at night when you are trying to sleep.”

In the video below, smokers around Cape Town protests against tobacco ban: 

In the video below, the link between smoking and coronavirus: