National Shutdown leaders, their views on the ANC and Ramaphosa

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The different political formations in support of the National Shutdown organised by the Economic Freedom Fighters had strong views to share about South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa and his party the ANC.

Many have called for the ANC president to resign as the president of South Africa because of his failure to govern the country out of its electricity crisis, amongst other things.

Leaders from various formations including the EFF, PAC, APC, Land Party, ATM and Areta had a message for Ramaphosa.

EFF leader, Julius Malema: “How do you form a union of mineworkers when you were never a mine worker?”

ATM leader, Vuyo Zungula: “We are not making a mistake when we say Mr Ramaphosa must go … xa uthetha ngotat’uRamaphosa uthetha ngesihluleki (When you speak about Ramaphosa, you are talking about  failure).”

Saftu Deputy Secretary General, Nontembeko Luzipo: “The ANC will have to agree … The ANC is tired, the ANC is full, i-ANC iyatyekeza!”

ARETA leader, Carl Niehaus: “Cyril Ramaphosa your time is up … we will not give up until Ramaphosa goes.”

The peaceful protest started at Church Square in Pretoria ending outside president Cyril Ramaphosa’s residence, a stone throw away from the Union Buildings.