The KwaZulu-Natal National People’s Front (NAPF) chairperson Muzi Hlophe has resigned.

The NAPF is amongst new political parties that were contesting the 2019 general elections, but failed to secure a single seat in the provincial legislature.  The party is a breakaway faction from the NFP.

Hlophe says poor work relations with the party leader have led to his resignation.

“The reason why I resigned, I’ve seen that we have no good working relationship with the president of the party, since towards elections until today we never communicated. So I’ve seen that it is very hard for me, as a provincial chairperson of the party, to work if we are not in a good condition, because the president is the one that I must actually liaise with.  It seems as if he feels uncomfortable if I’m in a party because he even mentioned that it seems as if we are competing – me and him – that’s why I’ve resigned from the party,” says Hlophe.

Meanwhile, the leader of the  NAPF Bheki Gumbi says they welcome Hlophe’s resignation.

“In his letter of resignation, he never said anything, except that he is withdrawing his membership, also resigning from the party with no reasons. We believe that everyone has a right to join the party; he also has an equal right to leave the party…. We wish him well. As the NAPF, we are continuing with our struggle, we are building the organisation, we are moving ahead,” says Gumbi.