National Cycling Academy upbeat about state of cycling in SA

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The National Cycling Academy Forum (NCAF) Secretary Buhle Madlala has indicated that the state of the development of cycling in South Africa is positive.

NCAF is representing a total of 38 South African cycling academies since 2016, with the initiative to assist and invest in developing the cycling industry within the country.

This organisation has been addressing issues that affect the development of the grassroots level clubs such as lack of support and nurturing.

Acknowledging that there is still a lot to be done to fully develop the grassroots level, Madlala has disputed the well-known saying that cycling is a white sport.

She has pointed out that there are a number of black upcoming riders in the townships and rural areas that are not exposed to publicity.

Madlala believes there is still more room and opportunity to grow the sport.

Not turning a blind eye to the issue of race that affects this sport-code, the NCAF secretary says that cycling needs collaboration from both races to transform and to keep the sport alive.

Report by Sinovuyo Ndudane