Credit should be given to the National Assembly‘s Sub-Rules Review Committee for the extensive work done to craft new procedures for the removal of a sitting president from office in terms of Section 89 of the Constitution.

This is according to National Assembly Deputy Speaker and Member of the National Assembly’s Rules Committee Lechesa Tsenoli.

The Rules Committee unanimously adopted the new procedures earlier this week. They include allowing the Speaker to refer a motion with supporting evidence submitted by an MP to a panel of three independent legal experts.

The Speaker must also assess if there is sufficient evidence to proceed with an inquiry to remove the president from office.

Tsenoli applauded the sub-rules -review committee.

“The processes of its debate and its discussion, I think it’s what served as the foundation for the final decisions that have been made. There has been enough robust debate, but it appears from the agreement at the Rules committee the other day that we may have found each other, and so presiding officers with officials are working towards a debate, possibly next week to ask the House to receive and support the report of the Rules Committee.”