National Assembly fails to pass Constitution 18th Amendment Bill regarding land expropriation

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The National Assembly has failed to pass the Constitution 18th Amendment as it could not achieve the two-thirds majority of 267 votes. Only 204 MPs voted in favour of the Bill.

The DA, EFF, GOOD, COPE, FF-Plus, ACDP and IFP all voted against the Bill.

House Chairperson Cedrick Frolick read out the results, “Honourable members the outcome of the division is as follows. There were no abstentions. 145 members voted against and 204 members voted in support of the Bill. As the required majority has not been obtained in terms of Section 74 subsection 2 of the Constitution, the Bill will not be read a second time.”

Frolick reads out the results of the voting:

The EFF rejected the Bill. EFF Leader Julius Malema suggested that an extrajudicial process of returning the land is now the only option.

He was speaking virtually during the Debate on the Bill.

“We reject this Bill and call on millions of people to take their land. We tried by the parliamentary process was hijacked by the ANC and their handlers. And unless we have an overwhelming majority in Parliament, Black people stay landless in this country. Our people must take it upon themselves to ensure they return what was stolen from them. This process is a failure. The ANC is totally captured by white monopoly capital and it will not do anything in its power to return the land to the rightful owners,” said Malema.