The trial of the three police officers accused of killing 16- year-old Nathaniel Julies in Eldorado Park last year is expected to continue on Wednesday.

This week, the High Court sitting in Palm Ridge Ekurhuleni heard evidence from a police photographer and a police captain that they believed Julies, who had Down Syndrome, could have been shot at close range.

The three police officers have all pleaded not guilty to the charges.

“Blood speaks from the ground”

“Nathanial Julies’ blood speaks from the ground” – that is according to one of the leaders of the protest action outside the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court that took place last week Friday.

Inside the court, Lieutenant-Colonel James Chauke sought to clarify the procedure to be followed in handling a crime scene following accusations that police tried to cover up 16-year-old down-syndrome Nathaniel Julies’ murder at the hands of police. 

“The reason it still came out … the reason they couldn’t cover it up is because onse kind se bloed (our child’s blood) is like the blood of Abel. It speaks from the ground. And it is still speaking and calling for justice,” said one of the protest action leaders. 

Lieutenant-Colonel James Chauke explains protocols and procedures after a shooting: 

-Additional reporting by Sipho Kekana