The Nataniel Julies murder trial has been postponed to tomorrow as a result of counsel for state witness, Constable Mandla Sithole not feeling well.

Sithole has been on the stand where he is being cross-examined.

Three police officers are appearing in the High Court sitting in Palm Ridge, Ekurhuleni, for their alleged involvement in the Julies murder.

The 16-year-old Eldorado Park resident was shot and killed in August last year, allegedly by the police.

Sithole, who was with two of the accused at the time of the shooting, made an audio recording of the officers allegedly plotting to conceal evidence.

The recording has been called into question by the defence.

Accused No.: 2, Simon Ndyalvane’s lawyer, Mandla Manyatheli questioned Sithole why he took so long to give the recording to IPID knowing that Julies had died.

“Could I be correct to say after the events of that day you were a bit shaken and exasperated?

“I don’t remember,” responded Sithole.

“Somebody had died, a 16-year-old down syndrome person was shot dead, did that not mean anything to you? Is that what you are saying?”

Earlier, Sithole was warned not to be evasive and unnecessarily delay the trial. This was after he was not forthcoming with answers.

The trial has been set for 20 days. It’s in its second week, and only two witnesses have testified so far.

Judge Ramarumo Monama had to order Sithole not to waste the court’s time.

“Constable Sithole, I remind you, do not unnecessarily unlock a warfare between yourself and counsel. Answer the question. You got to answer, yes or no.”

Counsel for accused No.: 2 is expected to finish his cross-examination tomorrow and the lawyer for accused No.: 3 three is expected to cross-examine.

Nathaniel Julies’ murder trial continues: